Splinter - Space Weather Roadmaps

S. Poedts, K. Kauristie
Friday 21st, 16:30 - 18:00 The Terms of Reference of the ESA Space Weather Working Team (SWWT) state that the 'SWWT is responsible for establishing and monitoring the execution of a European roadmap for space weather operational services and research'. At the same time, COSPAR and the International Living With a Star (ILWS) steering committee have commissioned a similar roadmap (a 'strategic planning activity') by August 2014. The Inter-program Coordination Team on Space Weather established in WMO is conducting similar tasks from the viewpoint of systems supporting meteorological services. All these initiatives aim to establish the focus of the future research and the required space missions and ground stations for space weather activities and science. The goal of the splinter session is to review the work conducted in these roadmap missions and from their basis draw consequences for the European Space Weather Roadmap.

We will use the 1,5-hour time period for open discussions on long term plans in international Space Weather (SW) research and operational services. We foresee to address e.g. questions like
  • What topics in SW research (in theory, models and observations) should be emphasized to get leaps forward in SW services?
  • How to enhance knowledge exchange between SW service providers and users?
  • How to attack the problems in data dissemination (data access and standardization issues)?
  • How to support international coordination to ensure continuity of some key S/C missions and to get new missions?
  • How to support the research-to-operations transition of SW codes?
The floor will be open for oral presentations (10-15 min) on completed, on-going or planned SW roadmap projects to support the discussions.

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