Splinter - Space Weather Working Team : general meeting

S. Poedts
Wednesday 19th, 14:30 - 16:00

  1. Welcome and Introduction (Stefaan Poedts)
  2. The SSA Programme and SWE Segment status + prospects until 2016 (Jussi)
  3. Some considerations about the SSA Period 3 (Jussi)
  4. Short SWWT Topical Working Groups reports (TWP leaders):
    • Drivers of Space Weather - Solar Magnetic Topology (H. Lundstedt)
    • Drivers of Space Weather - Solar Storms (N. Vilmer)
    • Ground Effects (A. Viljanen)
    • Atmospheric Effects (S. Bruinsma)
    • Ionospheric Effects (M. Angling)
    • Spacecraft, Launcher and Aircraft Environments (S. McKenna-Lawlor)
    • Education, Outreach and Emerging Markets (N. Crosby)
    • Space Weather Forecast (L. Trichtchenko)
  5. H2020: current status and upcoming calls
  6. Action Item Review (S. Poedts)
  7. Any other business

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