Splinter - Tools for observation and forecasting of SWE precursors in solar atmospheric fast processes

F. Berrilli, M. Roth, S. Jefferies
Thursday 20th, 14:30 - 16:00

The ability to monitor and forecast space weather is of paramount importance. Indeed, sudden changes in space weather, due to eruptive events on the Sun such as coronal mass ejections and flares, can affect European and worldwide critical infrastructures. The last few years have witnessed a large number of observational and data analysis tools being designed and implemented with the aim at offering predictive services to space weather. The target of this splinter is to bring together developers of these tools, particularly those involved in the observation, study and forecasting of solar atmospheric fast processes. Presentations and discussion will be focused on the approaches afforded by the different instruments and on possible tools to be used to provide interoperability with regards to scientists, applications developers, service providers and service end users.

  1. FLARECAST: Flare Likelihood and Region Eruption Forecasting, M. K. Georgoulis (15min)
  2. SPRING: Solar Physics Research Integrated Network Group, M. Roth (15min)
  3. The MOTH II instruments, S. Jefferies (10min)
  4. Flare Forecasting Algorithms based on multi-line magnetograms, K. Loumou, F. Berrilli (10min)
  5. Variations of solar non-axisymmetric activity, N. Gyenge (10min)
  6. Final discussion (30min) which will cover the following topics:
    ** Observations and new forecasting algorithms
    ** Current models and observation requirements
    ** Possible ongoing collaborations
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