Quo Vadis ESWC: Registration open!

Registration to vote on the future organization of the European Space Weather Community is now open!

Eclipse challenge

Our telescope SWAP onboard PROBA2 will broadcast the solar eclipse of 10 June together with hidden messages. Do your own Poirot image processing to discover more about SWAP's personality and win a VIP treatment on the PROBA2 premises.

First proton event of SC25

The first proton event of solar cycle 25 (SC25) took place on 29 May. It is the first such event since 10-11 September 2017.

A festival of M-class flares

On 22 May, no less than 10 C-class and 2 M-class flares were registered, followed by another 4 C- and 1 M-class events during the subsequent day. The source of all this flaring activity was modest sunspot region NOAA 2824 in the northern solar hemisphere.

Topical Issue on "Ionospheric scintillations" for JSWSC

The Journal of Space Weather and Space Climate (JSWSC) has opened a new Topical Issue on "Towards better understanding of the ionospheric plasma irregularities and scintillations"to appear in 2021/2022.

The great storm of 15 May 1921

A century ago, on 15 May 1921, the strongest geomagnetic storm of the 20th century took place, showing brilliant polar lights and significantly impacting telegraph and other technological services.

EUI - First Light 1 year

The 3 telescopes of the Extreme Ultraviolet Imager (EUI) onboard Solar Orbiter opened their doors on May 12, 2020 to photograph the Sun. This is exactly 1 year ago. This ‘First Light’ was a crucial step to get the EUI telescopes up and running and pave the path to research.

PSP steals another kiss from the Sun

On 29 April, the Parker Solar Probe (PSP) passed the Sun at only 11.1 million km. This was its closest perihelion so far.

Strong flares during SC25

NOAA 2822 produced a spectacular M3.9 flare on 7 May. This was the 4th M-class flare of solar cycle 25 (SC25).

SWx medals

Call for nominations: international space weather and space climate medals 2021



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