The Locarno digitization project

The Locarno station just completed a 5 year digitization project archiving sunspot observations and data from 1 June 1957 onwards.

Christine Verbeke makes it to the final round of the Flemish PHD Cup 2023

You can help her win the prize of the public by casting your vote.



If the words Plasmasphere Ionosphere Thermosphere, ring a bell, this might interest you.

Become Associate Editor for JSWSC!

The Journal for Space Weather and Space Climate (JSWSC) is seeking new Associate Editors with expertise in the physics of the ionosphere-plasmasphere-magnetosphere system, GNSS based research and applications, and machine learning.

Delta does it!...

Active region NOAA 3435 developed a magnetic delta and produced several M-class flares. An associated CME had an earth-directed component which was the cause of a moderate geomagnetic storm.

Filament eruption

An impressive filament eruption took place on 16 September. The associated coronal mass ejection was earth-directed and created a geomagnetic storm starting already 2 days later.

E-SWAN webinars on the Environmental Sustainability of Space Activities

Starting in September 2023, the E-SWAN WG8 Sustainability will organise regular webinars on topics pertaining to the sustainability of our activities as space scientists.


The magnetic fields at the Sun's poles are in the process of reversing, gradually.

New Guest Investigator Call: visit the EUI and SWAP/LYRA PI teams in Brussels in 2024!

The EUI and SWAP/LYRA PI teams welcome research proposals for the 2024 round of its Guest Investigator Program for research based on EUI, SWAP or LYRA data analysis.

Fifth PITHIA-NRF TNA Call open for applications

PITHIA-NRF launches its fifth call to provide effective and convenient access to the best European research facilities for observations of the upper atmosphere, including the plasmasphere, ionosphere and thermosphere.



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