Getting ready for Proba-3

In November 2023, the Proba-3 Science Working Team (SWT) gathered at the SIDC premises in Brussels. 

X5 flare in images

Some additional imagery of and information on the X5 flare that took place on 31 December.


An X5 flare took place on New Year's Eve. This is the strongest solar flare so far this solar cycle.

X2.8 flare!

Complex sunspot group NOAA 3514 unleashed an X2.8 flare on 14 December. This is the strongest solar flare so far this solar cycle.

The Sun is going crazy!

Several solar eruptions on 27 and 28 November had an earth-directed component and caused a major geomagnetic storm on 1 December.

Numerous sunspots, few strong flares

While the daily sunspot number skyrocketed last week, the number of strong flares was quite modest.

Strong geomagnetic storms

So far, ongoing solar cycle 25 (SC25) has been geomagnetically more active than its predecessor SC24, but remains overall well below the long-term average of SC17 to 23.

Filament eruptions and polar lights

A trio of earth-directed CMEs resulted in a major geomagnetic storm.

Plunging sunspot numbers... or not?

The daily sunspot number continued its sharp decline this week. Ups and downs during a solar cycle maximum are not unusual.

SC25 update

The STCE's SC25 Tracking page has been updated to reflect the latest evolution in some critical space weather parameters for the ongoing solar cycle 25 (SC25).



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