Program Committee
  • A. Belehaki (Co-Chair, NOA)
  • A. Glover (Co-Chair, ESA)
  • M. Hapgood (RAL/STFC)
  • J.-P. Luntama (ESA)
  • R. Van der Linden (STCE)
  • P. Vanlommel (STCE)
  • B. Zolesi (INGV)
  • M. Messerotti (INAF)
  • V. Zigman (UNG)
  • M. Meier (DLR)
  • N. Crosby (BIRA-IASB)
  • S. Poedts (CmPA)
  • J. Watermann (jfwConsult)
  • M. Wik (Neurospace)
  • S. Bruinsma (CNES)
  • J. Lilensten (CNRS-IPAG)
Local Organising Committee
SIDC@Solar-Terrestrial Centre of Excellence
  • Olivier Boulvin
  • Bram Bourgoignie
  • Jan Janssens
  • Olivier Lemaitre
  • Sophie Raynal
  • Ronald Van der Linden
  • Anne Vandersyppe
  • Petra Vanlommel
  • Sarah Willems
This meeting is supported by, The Solar-Terrestrial Centre of Excellence, the Belgian Science Policy Office, ESA and EOARD