Splinter - Cospar Initiative for a Roadmap for Space Weather activities

Kauristie, Kirsti - Finnish Meteorological Institute, FINLAND
Karel, Schrijver - Lockheed Martin Advanced Technology Center, UNITED STATES

Tuesday November 19th, 2013, 13:30-15:00

COSPAR has established in spring 2013 a study group for developing the subject Roadmap for Space Weather, in conjunction with the ILWS initiative. The goal of the study is to formulate and establish, in the form of a Roadmap, the future research focus and related missions in this field of science. The study will extend over the course of approximately one year, and the group is expected to conclude its activities by August 2014, in time for presentation of a draft report to the 40th COSPAR Scientific Assembly in Moscow. Karel Schrijver (Lockheed Martin Advanced Technology Center) and Kirsti Kauristie (Finnish Meteorological Institute) serve as the chair and co-chair of the group. In this working meeting the work plan for the Roadmap will be presented and input/feedback from the European space weather community for the study team will be collected.

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