Splinter - Promoting Citizen Science for Space Weather Research and Applications

Qahwaji, Rami - University of Bradford, UNITED KINGDOM
Vanlommel, Petra - STCE, BELGIUM
Lilensten, Jean - Institut de Planetologie et d'Astrophysique de Grenoble (IPAG), FRANCE

Friday November 22nd, 2013, 15:15-16:45

We introduce the concept of Citizen Science: the active involvement of interested citizens in the various disciplines of space weather. This meeting aims to support existing projects and new proposals. Hence, special attention is paid to the development of citizen science initiatives, the implementation of these initiatives and the evaluation of feasibility/success. Matters related to the metadata and technology development required to support Citizen Science for Space Weather will also be discussed.

15:15 Introduction - Rami, Jean and Petra
15:20 Solar Stormwatch - Chris Scott/Luke Barnard
15:30 The Sunspot observers network - Frederic Clette
15:40 Brams, Belgian RAdio Meteor Stations - Herve Lamy
15:50 Amateur astronomy clubs in Belgium - Stijn Calders
16:00 Eija/David
16:10 Discussion, remarks and action plans.

We aim at an open discussion, round table. The time scheme is flexible. Everybody is welcome to give input and present ideas and proposals, even if your name doesn't appear in the list above.

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