Splinter - The DIAS system: status, future developments and sustainability plan

Belehaki, Anna - National Observatory of Athens, GREECE
Tuesday November 19th, 2013, 15:15-16:45

The European Digital Upper Atmosphere Server (DIAS) has been established by a European consortium formed around the main ionospheric research centers in Europe and funded by the EC. The DIAS system operates since 2006 by the National Observatory of Athens. The basic products that are delivered are real-time and historical ionograms, frequency plots and maps of the ionosphere on the foF2, M(3000)F2, MUF and bottomside electron density, as well as long term and short term forecasting up to 24 hour ahead. DIAS supports more than 500 subscribed users, including telecommunication companies, satellite operators, space agencies, radio amateurs and research organizations. In 2012 the system has been upgraded, in close collaboration between NOA, INGV and BAS, with funding from the ESA/SSA Programme. The session aims to discuss the new developments that resulted to new products for the specification of the topside ionosphere and plasmaspheric electron density and for the extension of ionospheric propagation products to the higher latitudes. Following these developments, the products and services of DIAS can support a wider range of users needs, but in the same time the technical and data requirements to sustain the system are also increased. In this splinter session the DIAS data and models providers will discuss together with the developers how to sustain its operation in long term and which improvements can be planned in order to better address the needs of the users.

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