Splinter - Ground effects topical group / eurisgic

Wik, Magnus - NeuroSpace, SWEDEN
Friday November 22nd, 2013, 13:30-15:00

The Ground Effects Topical Group (GETG) covers a wide range of activities:
  • Modelling the occurrence of geomagnetic variations and geoelectric fields during space weather events.
  • Modelling GIC in electric power systems (discrete grounding).
  • Modelling GIC in buried pipeline networks (continuous grounding).
  • Modelling GIC in railway equipment (continuous grounding).
  • Measurements of geomagnetic variations, geoelectric fields and GIC.
  • Development of forecast techniques of geomagnetic storms and GIC based on neural networks and physical models.
  • Risks and Hazards from an insurance and social perspective.
  • Public outreach.
Web site: http://spaceweather.eu/swwt/gic

Agenda This year's GETG meeting will be dedicated entirely to the EU/FP7 project EURISGIC (www.eurisgic.eu). We will also discuss future projects/collaborations based on EURISGIC. We will deliver scientific and technical presentations and demonstrations related to the project. We invite everyone, e.g. representatives from ESA, EU, civil contingency agencies, authorities, power companies, scientists and media, to come and experience an EU/FP7 project related to the first European-wide real-time prototype forecast service of GIC in power systems.

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