Splinter - Role and legal responsibility of Space Weather forecasters

Messerotti, Mauro - INAF, Astronomical Observatory of Trieste, ITALY
Onsager, Terrance - NOAA/Space Weather Prediction Center, UNITED STATES
Van der Linden, Ronald - STCE, BELGIUM

Thursday November 21st, 2013, 15:15-16:45

Space Weather forecasting is becoming more and more relevant to a number of key activities for the society. In fact, differently from weather events that impact limited geographical areas, severe Space Weather events can be relevant e.g. to the entire sunlit Earth’s hemisphere. Hence, they have to be managed at global level via agreed procedures that involve governmental and emergency management organisations from the international to the national, regional and local levels. In principle, the approach is similar to what already available for severe weather events, but, being Meteorology of Space a new discipline, the role and legal responsibility of Space Weather forecasters in the operational chain have not completely defined yet. In fact, it is customary for Space Weather Centres to adopt a disclaimer such as The information is provided as is and no liability will be accepted in respect of loss, damage, injury or other occurrence arising from the provision of such information. Anyway, this disclaimer is not sufficient per se to hold as a legal protection under all circumstances. This splinter meeting is devoted to hosting an open discussion on this topic as a seed for future developments.

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