Splinter - A dialogue for the establishment of a sustainable network for space weather in Europe

Jean Lilensten - IPAG, CNRS, FRANCE
Anna Belehaki - NOA, GREECE
Ronald Van der Linden - STCE, BELGIUM

Friday November 22nd, 2013, 13:30-15:00

The aim of the session is to initiate a dialogue for the establishment of a sustainable network for space weather in Europe, independently from any funding body or organisation. This network will have the primary goal to help the space weather scientific community on research and technological developments. More specifically, the objectives can cover a large range of activities such as, the support to manage and preserve data collections; the support through RTD activities to operate and maintain e-services developed by research groups, and issue large scale predictions, etc.; the design of funding priorities for open calls and community building calls; the (Co-) Organization of workshops, including the ESWW, the organization of training for private companies and academics; the issuing of certificates to regional/specific centers; the organization of a media center for space exploration and space weather; the maintenance of bilateral relationships with other national/international centers (US-NOAA and SWPC, Australia-IPS, WMO, ISES, …). As originally perceived this network will not only help the space weather model and products developers but will also be the link between the research community, the funding agencies (eg. European Commission) and the large organizations who are using these services to support their operations (ESA, NATO, EDA, etc). This session is open to all ESWW10 participants.

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