Splinter - PROBA2 Splinter: status and direction of the instruments and scientific achievements after four years in orbit

West, Matthew - ROB, BELGIUM
Thursday November 21st, 2013, 17:15-18:45

The PROBA2 Splinter will review the status of the SWAP and LYRA instruments, software pipelines, PI-team organisation (responsibilities, visitor scheme, etc) and define the mission priorities for the coming months & year. In this session, we will cover topics that are PROBA2 relevant, but not necessarily limited to PROBA2, with a strong emphasis on future collaboration. Contributed talks are much encouraged. In particular we will discuss; The performance and degradation issues of SWAP EUV images and LYRA data sets. The setting up and implementation of space weather monitoring services. Interesting observational and theoretical solar physics results. The Guest Investigator Program, results and future projects. Possible future directions and collaborations with other instruments.

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