Splinter - Open Discussion of Solar Spectral Variability as Product for any Space Weather and Space Climate User Communities

Margit Haverreiter - PMOD/RWC, SWITSERLAND
Veronique Delouille - ROB, BELGIUM

Tuesday November 19th, 2013, 17:15-18:45

Variations of the solar irradiance determine the temperature, density, and composition of the Earth's atmosphere, and also have impact on space technology and its operation in various ways. The effects in the Earth's atmosphere strongly depend on the wavelength range under considerations. In order to improve our understanding of the responsible mechanisms it is important to have consistent long-term data sets of SSI variations available. However, existing observational data sets are fragmented with respect to their temporal and spectral coverage. Therefore, it is important to be able to fill these observational gaps based on existing models. This session is on the one hand dedicated to discuss available observational data and approaches to model SSI for Space Weather and Space Climate applications. This includes e.g. results from the FP7 Project SOLID project, but is also open to other contributions. Moreover, contributions that discuss effects of SSI variations on any Space Weather or Space Climate related issues, such as modelling the ionospheric density, planetary atmospheres, satellite drag or specific effects on spacecrafts and hardware due to the changing radiation environment are very welcome. In this way this session is intended to serve as a platform for all potential user communities of SSI products and to discuss their specific needs for a consistent SSI product.

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