Session 11 - Spacecraft Operations

Alexi Glover (ESA Space Safety), Sophie Chabanski (SSCC, BIRA-IASB), Dave Pitchford (SES), Bruno Sousa (ESA Missions Operations)
Thursday 21/11, 09:00-10:30

Geomagnetic storms, high-speed solar wind streams, solar energetic particle events and Earth-directed CMEs are examples of space weather phenomena that can lead to potentially hazardous effects on spacecraft operations. These may include solar array degradation, dose effects on electronics and humans, electrostatic charging and discharging, single event effects and variations in thermospheric density influencing orbital decay.
Space weather services providing continuous real-time monitoring and forecasting of the space weather environment, along with tools for rapid post event analysis, aim to provide the relevant information enabling flight control teams to take adequate decisions related to spacecraft operations to limit the impact of space weather.

This session will address space weather services for spacecraft operators from multiple different perspectives, presenting current state-of-the-art services and providing an opportunity for researchers, service providers and spacecraft operators to share their experience, activities, needs and vision for the future evolution of space weather services in this domain.

Thursday November 21, 09:00 - 10:30, Elisabeth

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Talks : Time schedule

Thursday November 21, 09:00 - 10:30, Elisabeth
09:00INTEGRAL Mission Operations and Space WeatherHuebner, J et al.Invited Oral
09:15The Satellite Risk and Radiation Forecast System (SaRIF)Horne, R et al.Oral
09:30Evolving the Spacecraft Environmental Anomalies Expert System (SEAES) beyond geostationary orbitO'brien, P et al.Oral
09:45Energetic particles in the heliosphere, current understanding and challenges for space weather servicesVainio, R et al.Invited Oral
10:00Discussion PanelPitchford, D et al.Oral


1Thermosphere density forecast and satellite orbit decayTemmer, M et al.p-Poster
2 Community Coordinated Modeling Center (CCMC) Space Weather Research Analysis – Forecasting for NASA’s Robotic MissionsCollado-vega, Y et al.p-Poster
3Evaluation of the SaRIF electron flux forecasts and reconstructionsGlauert, S et al.p-Poster
4Arguing for a Near-Midnight Dipolarization and Particle Injection Monitoring SystemLotoaniu, P et al.p-Poster
5The Proba-V/EPT data products within the ESA-SSA Space Weather ServicesBorisov, S et al.p-Poster
6Provision of space weather bulletins in support to Spacecraft OperationsDe donder, E et al.p-Poster
7Service for Nowcast and Forecast Indices used for Atmospheric Drag CalculationCaramete, A et al.p-Poster
8ESA SSA Space Radiation Expert Service Centre: Spacecraft Operation DomainZychova, L et al.p-Poster