This year's ESWW will include a Wednesday Space Weather fair, where users and service providers will have the opportunity to interact in an informal working environment. The fair is an opportunity for academics, scientists, and companies, non-academics, clients, and service providers to showcase their activities and learn what there is to know in the field of Space Weather. A science cafe is organised during the fair.

The fair event will be held on Wednesday Nov 20, 17:15 - 18:30.

Stand Holders

SWAMI - Space Weather Atmosphere Model and Indices
The SWAMI project is now just past the midway point, and we have made good progress. A new high-cadence geomagnetic index has been developed ... read more

Community Coordinated Modeling Center (CCMC)
Community Coordinated Modeling Center (CCMC) is a multi-agency partnership aimed at enabling, supporting and performing research and development for next-generation space science and space weather models... read more

PROBA2 - Space weather micro-satellite
PROBA2 is a small ESA satellite with a scientific mission to explore the active Sun and its effect on the near-Earth space environment. Now part of ESA's Space Situational Awareness program, PROBA2 provides high cadence observations of the Sun ... read more

The ESA Virtual Space Weather Modelling Centre - VSWMC
provides an infrastructure for installing geographically distributed system elements (simulation models) as federated elements within the SSA SWE network. It serves ... read more

The H2020 TechTide project
provides open access codes, real-time data and products for the identification of Travelling Ionospheric Disturbances (TIDs). TIDs constitute a threat for ... read more

ISWAT - International Space Weather Action Teams
Space weather is a multi-disciplinary research area connecting scientists from across all domains. ISWAT is a community-coordinated initiative to unite forces for ... read more

The Ionosphere Monitoring and Prediction Center
The ionosphere has strong influence on the radio signal propagation and therefore an impact on all applications based on Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS), like navigation support, traffic guidance systems, land survey and communication services. ... read more

Space Weather activities at the Royal Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy
Since the mid-eighties, the Royal Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy (BIRA-IASB) has been active in Space Weather related projects covering basic science to applications. read more

The PECASUS space weather services for civil aviation
The PECASUS initiative will serve as one of the global space weather (SWX) information service centers (SWXC) as specified by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) ... read more

SSA Space Weather Coordination Center - SSCC
The SSA Space Weather Coordination Centre (SSCC) is the focal point for Space Weather end-user support within the frame of ESA Space Situational Awareness (SSA) Program. read more.

The UAH Space Weather Station
The University of Alcala will set up a space weather station supported by internal funding with two main goals ... read more.

The University of Colorado Space Weather Data Portal
The University of Colorado Space Weather Data Portal allows seamless access to the many disparate datasets used in space weather research and forecasting through an interactive web-based platform. ... read more.

Ringing sunspots
Becoming a Space Weather expert requires a steady hand in stormy conditions, mastery of Joe-manually-induced currents, and above all timeliness. The Ringing SunspotsTM Space Weather Performance Forecasting Infrastructure testsread more.

Last chance to have a fair booth - without screen
Email the LOC your title, a very short abstract, an illustration.

The number of fair-stands is limited and will be given on a first come, first served basis. At the moment, all the screens are sold out. Only fair-stand without screen are still available.

Who can have a booth and how much does it cost?
The cost for a booth are included in a full week conference fee. Make sure you did register for a full week before you send in your request for a fair booth.

What do you get?
A stand includes
  • 2 poster boards (1 board is 75 cm wide, 2 m high),
  • a table for the screen when a screen is requested,
  • a table to put some stuff,
  • an electricity plug for your laptop/pc.
The sizes of the screens can differ. We will foresee the cables both for HMDI and VGA connections. If you are a mac-user, please bring an adapter.
Note that we can provide a screen, but no laptop or PC.

Set up and break down
Stand holders will be able to setup the booth on Wednesday from 14:30 onwards. Immediately after the fair event, you dismantle your booth.