Session 12 - Space Weather Instrumentation

Jackie Davies (RAL UKRI STFC); Keith Ryden (Univ. of Surrey)
Thursday 21/11, 11:15-12:30 & 17:15-18:30
Friday 22/11, 11:15-12:30

Space weather research, forecasting and operations rely on measurements and observations generated by specialized sensors and instrumentation. The purpose of this session is to provide a forum dedicated to Space Weather Instrumentation questions and concepts.

Topics to be covered include:
• Emerging requirements for Space Weather Instrumentation, data and resources;
• Ground-based Space Weather Instruments and networks (including magnetometers, VLF receivers, riometers, ionosondes and neutron monitors);
• Balloon and aircraft-based Space Weather Instruments;
• Space-based in-situ sensors measuring cause (particles and fields) and effect (internal / surface charging, solar cell degradation etc);
• Space-based remote-sensing instruments (EUV imagers, coronagraphs, etc); All contributions related to these topics are welcome.

Thursday November 21, 11:15 - 12:30, Elisabeth
Thursday November 21, 17:15 - 18:30, Elisabeth
Friday November 22, 11:15 - 12:30, Elisabeth

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Talks : Time schedule

Thursday November 21, 11:15 - 12:30, Elisabeth
11:15LAGRANGE - ESA's Space Weather Mission to L5Kraft, S et al.Invited Oral
11:35The EUV Imager on LagrangeWest, M et al.Oral
11:50In-situ particle instruments for enhanced space-weather monitoringKataria, D et al.Oral
12:05Design, development and testing of the RADEM and NGRM instrumentsHajdas, W et al.Invited Oral

Thursday November 21, 17:15 - 18:30, Elisabeth
17:15Radiation monitoring hosted payloads: ICARE_NGBourdarie, S et al.Oral
17:30Combined particle radiation and magnetic field measuring instrument package development for ESA’s Distributed Space Weather Sensor System (D3S)Zabori, B et al.Oral
17:45Observational capabilities and results of the HEPD detector on board CSES-01 for Space Weather studiesMartucci, M et al.Oral
18:00Sub-L1 Monitors: What Science Discoveries Do We Need Before Operational SettingsLugaz, N et al.Oral
18:15New space weather instruments for actionable space weather forecastsHurlburt, N et al.Oral

Friday November 22, 11:15 - 12:30, Elisabeth
11:15Tor Vergata Synoptic Solar Telescope: Optical Design and Preliminary Spectral CharacterizationCalchetti, D et al.Oral
11:30Ionospheric radio occultation using Spire’s cubesat constellationAngling, M et al.Oral
11:45Coordinated Ionospheric Reconstruction CubeSat Experiment (CIRCE) Mission OverviewAttrill, G et al.Oral
12:00Future of the worldwide network of neutron monitors?Steigies, C et al.Oral
12:15A new Antarctic Space Weather Laboratory containing a LAGO Cosmic Rays DetectorDasso, S et al.Oral


1Improving Space Weather Forecasting With Wide-Field EUV ObservationsGolub, L et al.p-Poster
2Using cubesats to monitor the evolution of the thermospheric temperature, density and composition, as well as their response to solar events, using the occultation technique.Dominique, M et al.p-Poster
3Space weather from lunar orbit: The Deep Space Gateway as a platform for space plasma instrumentsDe keyser, J et al.p-Poster
4Modelling of Diffraction Effects in Solar Compact CoronagraphsTappin, S et al.p-Poster
5Numerical study of plasma-object interaction: Debye-scale objectJao, C et al.p-Poster
6The Remote-Sensing Package for the Lagrange MissionDavies, J et al.p-Poster
7The COR and HI Instruments for the Lagrange MissionDavies, J et al.p-Poster
8Electric Field Detector for ionospheric plasma layers characterizationDiego, P et al.p-Poster
9Space weather monitoring of the in-situ environment from the Sun-Earth Lagrange points - INTERACTIVE POSTER PRESENTATION, Tuesday 19/11, 15:45 - 16:15 (no printed poster) Rae, J et al.p-Poster
10LGR-RS End to End Performance Simulator Architectural Design and First ResultsGrozea, I et al.p-Poster
11Calibration and first results from the operative cosmic rays observatory at Marambio baseSantos, N et al.p-Poster
12PROBA2/LYRA soft x-ray response after ten years in spaceDammasch, I et al.p-Poster
13Energetic Particle Spectrometers for In-situ Space Radiation Characterization: The Energetic Particle Telescope (EPT), its Proposed Miniaturization and the 3D Energetic Electron Spectrometer (3DEES)Benck, S et al.p-Poster
14THE SAMM Telescope – A robotic prototype for a world wide networkSpeziali, R et al.p-Poster
15The Solar Polar Observing Constellation (SPOC) Mission: Exploration and Long-term Monitoring of the Solar PolesBerger, T et al.p-Poster
16Radiation Monitoring - Can we predict the future?Williams, J et al.p-Poster
17Radiation Monitor on-board Aalto-1 CubeSat: inflight calibration and first resultsVainio, R et al.p-Poster
18TOPCAT IIMitchell, C et al.p-Poster
19Ion and Neutral Mass Spectrometer for the CIRCE missionKataria, D et al.p-Poster
20ESA Next Generation Radiation Monitor on-board ERDS-C GEO: Report and preliminary analysis of the first measurements - INTERACTIVE POSTER PRESENTATION, Thursday 21, 15:45-16:15 (no printed poster)Sandberg, I et al.p-Poster