Session 4 - National And Global Preparedness For Space Weather Events: Research, Forecasting, And Mitigation

Thomas Colvin (Science & Technology Policy Institute), Christopher Cannizzaro (U.S. Department of State), Lucie Green (UCL)
Monday 18/11 14:00-15:15
Mozane 789

National and global preparedness for space weather events is critical to protecting our security, enhancing our economic well-being, and achieving our aspirational goals beyond the Earth’s orbit. Different countries may take different approaches to increasing preparedness due to their unique geographic, economic, and infrastructure characteristics, yet these differences also present an opportunity to advance global preparedness through identification of best practices and shared goals. Concurrent international actions also present the opportunity to develop collaborations that enhance preparedness through joint or complementary endeavors (e.g., programs, platforms, missions).

This session will bring together government representatives and the research community to discuss potential best practices and avenues for collaboration. Representatives from various countries will have the opportunity to share their efforts at the national and/or global level, as well as their perspective on gaps that could be filled through international collaboration. Researchers can showcase advances in research, observations, or analyses that inform or enhance preparedness for the effects of space weather events. All presenters are invited to identify opportunities for additional research and collaboration to enhance preparedness and resilience to the effects of space weather events.

Monday November 18, 14:00 - 15:15, Mosane 789

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Talks : Time schedule

Monday November 18, 14:00 - 15:15, Mosane 789
14:00 Space Weather Activities in Latin AmericaGonzalez esparza, J et al.Invited Oral
14:15Operational Space Weather Practices in the South African regionMckinnell, L et al.Invited Oral
14:30U.S. National Space Weather Strategy and Action PlanKeshian, J et al.Invited Oral
14:45The Ionosphere Prediction Service: Its way forward at the JRCFortuny, J et al.Invited Oral
15:00NOSWE - The Norwegian Centre for Space WeatherLeussu, R et al.Oral


1Physical Damage Simulation on Drone and Wireless Communication Devices by Space Weather Hazard Yun, A et al.p-Poster
2KSWC's R&D activities to mitigate space weather risk Choi, J et al.p-Poster
4Development of a national space weather warning service for The Netherlands Doornbos, E et al.p-Poster
6International Community Coordination in Space WeatherKuznetsova, M et al.p-Poster
7Statistical Analysis on the Satellite Anomalies and its Implication in the case of a Disastrous Solar FlareSeki, D et al.p-Poster
8First steps for the i-SWAT initiativeTemmer, M et al.p-Poster
10Space Weather service activities and initiatives at LAMP (Argentinean Space Weather Laboratory group)Lanabere, V et al.p-Poster
11Identifying the Customer Requirements of the Mediterranean Space Weather UsersCid, C et al.p-Poster
12NICT space weather research & operation activities in Asia-OceaniaHozumi, K et al.p-Poster
13An example of application of the AULs framework: developing local geomagnetic indices LDi and LCiGuerrero, A et al.p-Poster
14Showcasing the ISWAT websiteMendoza, A et al.p-Poster