Program Committee

  • Mario M. Bisi (UKRI STFC RAL Space - Chair)
  • Ellen Clarke (BGS - provisional Vice-Chair)
  • Piers Jiggens (ESA - provisional Vice-Chair)
  • Mateja Dumbovic (Zagreb University) [EX-Officio - ESWW2022 LOC Co-Chair]
  • Peter Beck (Seibersdorf Laboratories)
  • Suzy Bingham (Met Office)
  • Volker Bothmer (UGOE)
  • Sophie Chabanski (BIRA-IASB)
  • Agnieszka Gil (CBK-PAN)
  • Antonio Guerrero (University of Alcalá)
  • Ewan Haggarty (Geo Satellite Ops -Retired)
  • Kamen Kozarev (Bulgarian Academy of Sciences)
  • Stefan Kraft (ESA) [Ex Officio - ESA]
  • Jean Lilensten (CNRS-IPAG) [Ex Officio - Space Weather and Space Climate Medals]
  • Barbara Matyjasiak (CBK-PAN)
  • Mauro Messerotti (INAF/University of Trieste) [EX-Officio - JSWSC]
  • Anna Morozova (IA-U. Coimbra, University of Coimbra)
  • Klaus Sievers (Vereinigung Cockpit e.V.)
The program committee operates through 8 working groups.

Local Organising Committee

  • Mateja Dumbovic, HVAR, co-chair
  • Petra Vanlommel, STCE, co-chair
  • Roman Brajsa, HVAR
  • Jasa Calogovic, HVAR
  • Elke D'Huys, STCE
  • Suresh Karuppiah, HVAR
  • Luka Kramaric, HVAR
  • Olivier Lemaitre, STCE
  • Yana Maneva, STCE
  • Karmen Martinic, HVAR
  • Filip Matkovic, HVAR
  • Domagoj Ruzdjak, HVAR
  • Ivica Skokic, HVAR
  • Ronald Van der Linden, STCE
  • Bojan Vrsnak, HVAR
  • Sarah Willems, STCE

PC Working Groups
Plenary Sessions This WG is responsible for all activities related to the organisation of the plenary sessions from writing the calls, sifting the proposals for sessions that come in and presenting these to the PC for final decisions, interacting and guiding the convenors and chairs of the successfully-chosen sessions, ensuring there is not too much overlap between sessions, encouraging convenors to select good speakers and not to have speakers talk in more than one session, and other activities involved in forming successful Plenary Sessions for ESWW. Suzy, Anna, Mario, Ewan, Kamen
Parallel Sessions This WG runs inline with WG01 and carries out the same activities but for the parallel sessions and also the confidential session that will include talks from the SWSC Medal Winners that year. There is added complexity with this WG in that there are often multiple successfully-chosen sessions (~12 or more) and each session could be given multiple time slots in the programme depending on the number of abstracts received and suchlike. Piers, Peter, Jean, Ellen, Volker, Antonio, Stefan
Topical Discussion Meetings This WG undertakes the same activities as WG01 and WG02 but for the TDMs. Anna, Agnieszka, Barbara, Klaus, Mauro, Piers
LOC-Engagement This WG is responsible for the posters/QVs organisation, the hybrid tutorial, the hybrid fair and business networking event(s), for the hybrid platform/website engagement, for the scientific/technical outreach to communities beyond those already involved in ESWW, and also for the statistics and lessons learned checks and activities. Mateja, Mario, Kamen, Antonio, Peter, Stefan Agnieszka, Ewan, Suzy
Programme Block Drafting and Live Space Weather Forecasts This WG is responsible for working out the Block Programme structure in conjunction with WG04 and the LOC Ex-Officio Member on the PC to ensure that the typical ESWW programme can be carried out but adjusting for changes envisaged by the PC, new elements of the programme requested by E-SWAN as the PC agrees to, and to check over the allocations into the slots available by WG01-WG03 to minimise conflicts and overlaps across all session types as much as it possible. In addition, this WG is responsible for all elements of organising the Live Space Weather forecasts on the programmatic side and communicating the needs of the PC to the LOC Ex-Officio Member on the PC for implementation by the PC. Sophie, Piers, Mario, Ellen, Klaus
JSWSC Topical Issues This WG is responsible for encouraging convenors and session chairs of successful and novel/interesting sessions to put forward proposals for Topical Issues in JSWSC. Mauro, Jean
Slack This WG is responsible for the running and maintenance/monitoring of the Slack Workspace. Mario, Barbare
Equity/Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion Plus Sustainability This WG is responsible for the development and "evolution" of the PC equality, equity, diversity, inclusion, and sustainability plans and programmes and in conjunction with WG04, how these are advertised on the website. It is also responsible of recomending to the PC what policies and content of such policies are needed and how such policies should be implemented. Jean, Volker, Sophie, Stefan, Mateja, Barbara