An eclipse: when the sun disappears

On 25 October 2022, a partial solar eclipse takes place in Zagreb.

A solar eclipse is an impressive and breathtaking event in the sky. It might be even scary. In early times, humans thought that gods or mystic creatures made the sun disappear. Until one found out that it was a perfect sized moon on her monthly trip around the earth that blocked the sun and forced the day to temporarily exchange with the night. When the moon eclipses the sun completely, you get an extraordinary glimpse of the surroundings of the sun, revealing some solar secrets and science.

Everybody, all ages are welcome to come and listen to solar eclipse stories.

Public presentation (in English) by Petra Vanlommel, Tuesday October 25, 18:15-18:45
Room Earth

Picture by the telescope SWAP onboard the satellite PROBA2.
Credits: Royal Observatory of Belgium, ESA.
About the speaker

Petra Vanlommel started her science carrier in the 90’s as a PhD student in helioseismology at KU Leuven, Belgium. With sound waves she could probe the inner layers of the Sun. She combined her PhD studies with teaching and tutoring first year university students civil engineering. After finishing her PhD, she started at the Royal Observatory of Belgium where she developed space weather products and services, and joined the team of space weather forecasters. Now she is into Space Weather communication and education for the Solar-Terrestrial Centre of Excellence, spreading the scientific word and highlighting why we should care about solar research and space weather. She is also a member of the team that warns pilots for space weather impacts.