The ESWW is the main annual event in the European Space Weather and Space Climate calendar. It is an international meeting organised annually within the European Region in collaboration with prominent members of the European space weather and Space Climate community. It began as a forum for the European Space Weather community and has since grown into an international event with global attendance.

ESWW2022 will again adopt the central aim of bringing together the diverse groups in Europe working on different aspects of Space Weather and Space Climate: such as scientists, engineers, satellite operators, power grid technicians, communication and navigation specialists, people working in aviation, space weather service providers, STEM* practitioners. The ESWW is highly interdisciplinary by nature and actively promotes investigation of new technologies and approaches e.g. machine learning in a space weather context.

ESWW also welcomes space weather end users. End users constitute any group/organisation making use of space weather data and services. Fields include but are not limited to spacecraft operation, spacecraft design, space and ground based telecoms and navigation services, power distribution, pipeline operation, aviation safety, railway operators, insurance companies, civil contingency planning, and scientists.

ESWW is an excellent place to meet people, to exchange knowledge and ideas, to discuss the latest on solar activity, how space weather influences the earth environment on the short and on the long term and our technologies, and how to deal with space weather.

*STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics


This year’s overall theme for the ESWW is “The importance of comprehensive space-weather monitoring”. While this includes both various ground-based observatories and spacecraft monitoring, the theme was particularly inspired by the historical role of ground-based solar observatories (such as Hvar Observatory, which this year celebrates its 50th anniversary).

The overall theme is present throughout the program of ESWW2022 and is visually represented by the official ESWW2022 design.

The importance of comprehensive space-weather monitoring is reflected by the tutorial, which covers 5 different topics from fundamental science to space weather applications.

It is also reflected by the 4 plenary sessions: Finally, the theme is especially addressed in the scope of the Observation Forum, a special session devoted to current and new observation platforms and instruments for monitoring space weather either from the ground or in space.


The ESWW2022 meeting will take place in Zagreb. The local organisation is done by the HVAR Observatory and the Solar-Terrestrial Centre of Excellence.

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