Parallel Space Weather Research sessions: SWR

The Space Weather Research (SWR) sessions have fixed titles spanning the common themes of ESWW. As space weather is a multi-disciplinary field of applied science with many connections between different areas of research there are many different ways to divide the topics of the SWR sessions. It is desirable to vary this each year to make different connections in the areas of research. Nominally, the SWR sessions would cover 70% of the time reserved for parallel sessions. A maximum of three conveners are allowed per SWR session.

The reason for fixing topics is to limit the amount of overlap whilst ensuring that key recurring active areas of space weather research are always covered. We are searching for motivated conveners for the SWR sessions who can produce an abstract with broad appeal and whose expertise covers the extent of the theme.

The six SWR session titles for ESWW2022 are:
  • swr01 The Solar Sources of Space Weather
  • swr02 Interplanetary Coronal Mass Ejections and Solar Energetic Particles
  • swr03 Solar Wind Coupling to the Magnetosphere and Radiation Belts
  • swr04 Magnetosphere, Ionosphere and Thermosphere Coupling
  • swr05 Geomagnetic Activity on Earth's Surface and Effects on Ground-Based Technological Systems

Parallel 100% Community-Driven sessions: CD

The 100% Community-Driven (100CD) sessions have titles provided by conveners and are intended to change each year focussing on topics that have specific relevance in that moment, connect themes in ways not foreseen in that year’s SWR sessions and are fundamentally different in focus from parallel sessions in previous years.

Nominally, the 100CD sessions would cover 30% of the time reserved for parallel sessions. The aim for the 100CD sessions is to elicit an as extensive and varied response as possible to give a more dynamic flavor to ESWW.

A maximum of three conveners are allowed per CD session.