Topical Discussion Meetings

Call for Topical Discussion Meetings is closed

A major feature of the European Space Weather Week (ESWW) is the live contribution made by the participants. Topical Discussion Meetings (TDMs) are a principal programme component providing this by creating arenas for engaging debate. Topical discussions on the newest insights in space weather, on the challenges and threats that space weather can cause, emerging new science - all of these and more are relevant and eligible for TDMs at ESWW.

TDM is a 1h 15min (or 1h) informal meeting with NO abstract submission form and therefore NO poster contributions.

The purpose of a TDM is the encouragement of open discussion on a specific topic of general interest, augmenting a Plenary or Conference Theme. Proposed TDM descriptions are to indicate key questions and issues that will be discussed.

Once a TDM has been selected, successful Convenors are responsible for promoting their TDM. Convenors can e.g. make a single-slide/small poster to introduce the TDM, give the background of the relevance of the TDM, the type of the TDM, what the TDM expects to achieve, and also who the designated Topic Introducers will be. All TDM material can be uploaded to the ESWW2022 website to be made publicly available.

Follow up
TDM Convenors commit to preparing and submitting a short summarising report and shall appoint a TDM Secretary to take TDM Discussion Notes of the session. The reports will be made available on the ESWW webpage as soon as possible after receiving them.
The template for the report can be found here . Please check the ESWW2019 website for examples of the reports. The TDM report should be emailed to